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Free Salsa Recipes and Tips from the goat.
Salsa's so good - they will bring tears to your eyes!
Quick & Easy Vegan Recipes.
Recipes for a Plant Based Diet.
Low Fat - Low Sodium - Heart Healthy
Our recipes rock and taste like normal food
cause they are made with normal ingredients.
The goat has a few Attitudes on Life.
Check them out for yourself, but beware?
goat home page  |  handcrafted items  |  salsa recipes  |  vegan recipes  |  attitudes on life
about the goat  |  free goat cards  |  awards page  |  privacy  |  site map  |  email
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Handcrafted Items from the goat.
Hand Forged Copper, Brass, and Nickel Jewelry.

Our fine quality products include Bracelets & Nature Related Jewelry.

Available online @

Click here for local availability of our fine products and our show schedule..
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The Health Benefits of Copper

Modern science confirms what people around the world have
known for hundreds of years. Copper is an essential nutrient,
playing a vital role in keeping bones, skin, brain, blood vessels
and immune system strong and healthy. Copper also has
anti-bacterial properties useful in slowing the spread of
illnesses. Because copper can be absorbed through the skin,
wearing copper jewelry has become a simple, popular way to
reap the benefits of this lovely metal. Although modern
science has not provided specific evidence of the health
benefits of copper jewelry, many still swear by it, and copper
jewelry remains in high demand.

Source: Rio Grande Jewelry Supply
1)  Bracelets made of copper, brass, and nickel.
 link to bracelets on etsy site

The rustic copper bracelets are our most popular online items. They are
available in two weights. The standard bracelets are made from 1/4" diameter
copper rods that are forged to shape. The thin bracelets are similar, but made
from 3/16" diameter copper rods. We have styles for men and women.
(see the health benefits of copper - to the right)

We also make a variety of other fashionable bracelets available in copper,
brass, and nickel. All of our bracelets are available in several sizes to give you
a proper fit.

2)  Nature Related Jewelry including Leaves, Peapods, Flowers,
and our exclusive line of Beaded Dragonflies.

a)  Leaf Jewelry -   link to leaf jewelry on etsy site  
made from a process called fold form. This line includes pendants, earrings,
and necklaces. Each piece is highlighted with beads of natural stone.

b)  Peapod Jewelry -   link to peapod jewelry on etsy site   also made from
the fold form technique. This line includes pendants and earrings featuring
natural stone beads as peas in the pod.

  Mothers Birthstone Peapod Pendants and Earrings
available by custom order - they include the birthstones of the children,
grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc that you wish to honor.

  Chakra Peapod Pendants and Earrings.
If you are into the power of natural stones then you just got to check out our
Copper Chakra Peapod jewelry. The peapods are hand forged from copper
which is a great transfer metal. There are seven different peas in the pod, one
for each of the major Chakra's. Also, there is a quartz bead on top of the
peapod. Quartz is said to be a master healing stone.

c)  Nature Jewelry -   link to nature jewelry on etsy site
made to resemble native wild flowers. They are made from combinations of
copper, brass, and nickel and some of them have native stone beads included
in the design as well. They are available as pendants and pins. This series
also includes sun pendants

d)  Beaded Dragonflies -   link to beaded dragonflies on etsy site
Dragonflies are said to bring good luck and now you can increase your luck
with one of our Beaded Dragonflies. Made from natural stone beads for the
bodies and eyes with spring steel wire wings. They come in several sizes and
styles. Available as pendants, pins, and earrings.
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