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As you can see, I play the banjo. I play claw hammer style where you pick with your thumb and
index finger. I tried bluegrass style, but gave it up because you need your thumb and two
fingers. Hard to do when you have only two toes on each foot.

My favorite food used to be the rawhide skins that cover my banjo. They are usually made of
possum or polecat hides. The proprietors at the
grumpyoldgoat.com got tired of replacing
them and threatened to start using goat skins instead.

Now my favorite food is fiddles. I once ate a base fiddle. (most parts are edible) It took me a
whole week to eat it. I used the bow afterwards to floss my teeth. When I'm in the mood for
elegant dining, I go out for violins and violas.

You may ask, "How does this relate to salsa?" Go ahead - ask, "How does this relate to salsa?"
Well fiddles are expensive and hard to come by, but the good folks at the
are always experimenting with new salsa recipes. They had to find some way to get rid of the
results, and thats where I come in.
a note from the proprietors at the
"We don't publish if the
goat says rubbish!"
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