The goat has a few Attitudes on Life.
Check them out for yourself, but beware?
Better Breeding
Find out why better breeding
is important to your future.
The Princess Plan
Are you on the princess plan?
What is the princess plan?
Title and Position
Do you have title and position? You better.
Without it, you just don't belong!
9 out of 10 People
9 out of 10 people you meet on
the street are p/o about something.
Raising Kids - Advice from the Goat
Are you raising kids?
Learn how from the Goat.
Want to learn
more about the

Princess Plan?

Then read
Next Door
by Thomas J.
It will tell you
how rich people
really live, and
how some people
appear rich by
using other
peoples money.
Reading Recomendations
How to Win
Friends &
by Dale
The timeless
classic you will
need to read
after spending
time at the goat.
if you ever want
friends again
If you have any questions or comments about the
please contact us by email.

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What are Your Attitudes on Life?
Let us know what you are thinking.
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AWARDS PAGE - Check it out
about the goat
Things That Really Piss Us Off
Here are a few of the things that
Really Piss Us Off at the goat. logo
No More Scape Goats
Stop blaming your stupid
mistakes on us goats.
Cow Farts
Cow farts have been linked to global warming.
This is for real. We aren't making it up. See for yourself.
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