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Better Breeding

Find out why it is important to your future.
What is Better Breeding?
The idea of "better breeding" had us stumped at the We had been
hearing about it all our lives but we didn't know what it was. The only thing that we were sure of
is that it must not apply to us, or we would have known all about it. As you are probably aware,
people who are the product of better breeding are quite aware of it, and they rarely hesitate to
pass this knowledge on to others at any opportunity.

Define better breeding
So we set out in our quest to define "better breeding". We decided to start with what we knew.
In the field of animal husbandry, selective breeding is practiced to achieve certain
characteristics that are deemed to be desirable. Knowing this much, we decided to take a look
at farm animals. Horses are breed to run fast. Cattle are breed to produce beef, or milk for the
dairy industry. Not finding what we were looking for on the farm, we turned our attentions to a
different arena.

It is well know amongst cat and dog lovers, that a good blood line is of the utmost of
importance. Just go to any cat or dog show and you will see what we mean. Also, some dogs
are breed for their hunting skills, their since of smell and intelligence being the desired traits.

Develop a theory
Now that we had done some research, it was time to develop a theory. We knew that
characteristics of better breeding included: fast, beefy, milk producing, good blood lines,
smells good, and smart. It occurred to us that none of the people we knew who claimed that
they were the product of better breeding displayed any of these traits.

Back to the lab for us. This time we were not going back to the ranch. The answer definitely
would have to be found somewhere else. We decided to do a scientific pole of a sampling of
the population. After selecting our questions and our sample population, we sent our
questionnaire out through e-mail. It didn't take long for the people we poled to reply. Also,
judging by the nearly unanimous response, we finally had our answer.

The response we got was definitely sexual in nature and it pointed us in a direction that we
hadn't anticipated. It seamed that the answer to the question was that better breeding is the
result of better sexual technique. Most of the respondents had the same answer, and they
suggested that we try it out on our selves. We were very grateful for their assistance.
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The goat has a few attitudes on life.
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Our Conclusion

Better breeding is the result of your parents
superior knowledge of the various sexual positions.
Are you the product of
Better Breeding?

If you are, you are probably special.
Maybe you should be on the

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