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Cow Farts

Folks, you just gotta believe us.
We didn't make this stuff up!
Yes, it's true, cows fart. What you are looking at is a cow
equipped with a tank that collects it's farts. Scientist are trying
to determine how much methane cows emit each day from
farting. When cows fart, they emit methane which is a green
house gas and a major contributor to global warming. In fact,
methane in the atmosphere has 25 times the effect on global
warming as CO2 does.

This is real (and funny). But mostly it is real, and serious. The
United Nations states that cattle farming "is responsible for
18% of greenhouse gases."
see Wikipedia article,
and scroll down to Environmental impact
In the race to find ways to reduce the emissions of greenhouse
gases, 18% is a number too big to ignore. So what do we do?
Stop eating cows? Sure, why not. Well, in reality, that probably
won't go over very well.
So what do we do?

The cow scientist are looking into things like cattle feed to see
if something could be changed there. Also, we might end up
having to eat less beef.
(yeah, we know what you are thinkin)  
We ask you, do you really need a 20 oz. steak? Smaller
portions, served less often might be in order.
Wait, there's more
Cows not only fart methane, but they burp it as well. Also,
sheep fart and burp methane, too. So far scientist haven't
devised a way to measure bovine burps yet, but they are
working on it.
Is this just a passing issue?
We will keep you posted.
If you have any questions or comments about the
please contact us by email.

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cow with fart collecting backpack
Researchers from Argentina were
surprised to find that a single 550-kg
cow produces between 800 to 1,000
liters of emissions each day. (Reuters)
Special Goat Alert
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Farting cow from animal planet

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major cause of global warming: cow
farts   from HistoricThirdWard

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The goat has a few attitudes on life.
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