The goat has a few attitudes on life.

The Princess Plan

Are you special?
Do you deserve the very best?
Does the world owe you a living?
Then get on the Princess Plan.
The Princess Plan is for You!
It's really quite simple. All you have to do is find yourself a sugar daddy to pay your bills. Since
you are special, this should not be a problem. Actually, you probably won't have to look very
far. It's been our experience that most princesses find their sugar daddy right at home. That's
right! Mommy, and Daddy will do just fine. And it's real easy to convince them that you are

Don't worry, if mum and pop don't pan out, try your luck with gramma and grandpa. Chances
are, they are used to it by now. Mum and pop have probably been dipping into their pockets
for years now. What harm could a few more fingers in their pose? And if they aren't impressed,
surely you have an auntie or uncle you could warm up to. Consider the possibilities. You may
find that you have more than one source of sugar, just waiting for you to tap into it.

Reasons to get on the plan
If we haven't convinced you to get on the princess plan yet, then read on. There are many
advantages to the princess plan. Here is a list of just a few that we have come across.
  1. Unlimited credit card purchasing power.
  2. Down payment on the house of your dreams.
  3. Mortgage payments are made for you.
  4. Luxury automobiles beyond your means.
  5. Tuition for your kids private schooling.
  6. Very large annual cash transfusions.
  7. The assurance that no matter how bad you screw up, it
    will be taken care of.
  8. The right to publicly display your royalty. You are
    special, so let everyone know it.
Still not convinced?

The Princess Plan
is not for you!

Perhaps you should be a sugar daddy instead?
It's really easy to do. Princess wannabies are everywhere. You should have no problem finding
one of your own. Just look around you, and don't forget to look at home first. Perhaps you
have a son or daughter just waiting to get in on the plan. Or maybe you have grand kids, or
nieces and nephews to look after.

You may ask, "What about my son?" It's simple really. For a chance at this type of royal
treatment, your son will be more than happy to be your prince charming.

And the best part is all the money you will save. It's entirely possible that having just one
princess on the plan will make it unnecessary for you to spend enormous sums of money on
legal fees, planning to avoid estate taxes. By the time your estate goes to probate, there won't
be anything left to tax.
Sign up today!
If you are special, it's probably
because of your better breeding.

Are you the product of

Better Breeding?
The goat has a few attitudes on life.
If you have any questions or comments about the
please contact us by email.

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