The goat has a few attitudes on life.

Title and Position

Without it,  you just don't belong!
You hear it more and more, that your Title and Position defines who you are in our society. So
it just goes to say that without Title and Position, you are un-defined. Un-definable. Without
definition. Un-classified. Un-classifiable. Without class. You have no class.
You just don't belong!

Well of course, the proprietors at the were very interested in this
phenomenon. As usual, we have given it our utmost attention and consideration. Again, it was
decided that a little research was in order. This time, we would start with the dictionary.
Title: a formal appellation attached to a person or family by virtue of
office, rank, hereditary privilege, attainment, or as a mark of respect;
especially, such an appellation as an indication of nobility.

Position: a place or location. The way in which something is placed.
The arrangement of bodily parts.
Definitions examined
There were two things that struck a cord with us when we looked up the definition of Title. They
were "hereditary privilege" and "an indication of nobility." This sounded a lot like the Princess
Plan to us. Then when we looked up the definition of Position, we saw, "The arrangement of
bodily parts". Well this sounded a lot like Better Breeding.

Theory proposed
Being of an inclination to develop theories of social behavior at the, we
set out to do it again. This time it was relatively easy to do. With the definitions of Title and
Position in hand, we had already established a clear link to our theories of Better Breeding and
the Princess Plan. It was then relatively easy for us to determine that if you get on the Princess
Plan, you will have Title. Also, we determined that if you practice Better Breeding, you will have
obtained Position.

Better breeding begets Title and Position, so there you have it folks. The key to success is to
have Title and Position. The way to secure Title and Position is to get on the Princess Plan,
and to practice Better Breeding.
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Princess Plan

Better Breeding
The goat has a few attitudes on life.
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