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Quick and Easy Vegan Recipes.
Recipes for a Plant Based Diet.
Low Fat - Low Sodium - Heart Healthy
Our recipes rock and taste like normal food
cause they are made with normal ingredients.
  • Ever notice how most Vegan recipes taste weird, have
    unusual ingredients, and makes enough for a large army?
  • Try our recipes instead.  Taste Great - Fewer Left Overs.
  • Made with normal ingredients -  you can buy at any supermarket.
  • Nothing strange here.  Just good food - minus the meat and dairy.
  • Tasty recipes that are quick and easy to make.
Tips for Vegan Cooking     Scroll down for FAQS
Here at the we are always
experimenting with new recipes. Sometimes we will take an
existing recipe, leaving out the things we don't like about it
such as the meat and dairy, then we will add new ingredients
to our liking. More often than not, we will be eating something
in a restaurant and then go home and start experimenting
until we figure it out how they made it. Either way, we take the
risk, and you get the rewards.

As for experimenting with recipes, we do it all the time. If
there is a certain spice that doesn't agree with you, leave it
out. Do you have something from the garden that you need to
use up? Toss it in the pot. These recipes are not carved in
stone (they are etched on your screen with electrons). Take
them and make them your own. And if you hit on something
special, let us know so we can try it too!
Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  How do you cut up your ingredients?
A:  We use a Cuisinant 11-CUP food processor for
large batches. When we want a smaller quantity,
we use our

Where do you buy you ingredients?
A:  We try to make our recipes so that most, if not all
of the ingredients can be found at an average

Q:  Some of the recipes use just part of a can of
beans. What do you do with the rest?
A:  We will then take the remainder of the beans and
freeze them in zip lock bags for future use. To re-thaw
them, we just put the bag in a bowl of warm water.

Q:  Some recipes use just a small amount of rice. Is it
practical to make up rice in those quantities?
A:  We will often make up a larger batch of rice than
we need for the recipe we are making. Then we will
either store the remainder in the fridge for a day or
two, or put it in zip lock bags and freeze it until we
need another small quantity of rice.
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Salsa Recipes
Quick & Easy Vegan Recipes
Carrot Onion Soup
Corn Chowder
Whole Wheat Biscuits
Minestrone Soup
Vegetable Fried Rice
Vegan Gumbo
Loaded Oatmeal
Tomato Basil Soup
* with Brown Rice *
Pinto Bean Chili
Bean Soup
Vegetable Rice Curry
Mexican Rice
Mexican Stuffed Tomatoes
* with Mole *
Penne Primavera
Sloppy Joes
Enchiladas Verde
Black Bean Dip
Roasted Vegi Gyros
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We use Cuisinart food
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