Vegan recipes from the goat.
Vegan recipes from the goat.
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Why in the world would you want to eat vegan food? Well the usual answer
would be something along the lines of not wanting to promote cruelty to
animals. Since most of our animal food products come from factory farms
these days, there is some cause for concern here, even if you don't object to
eating the animals. If you are not sure what we are getting at, do a  
search on factory farms,
( or try the wikipedia article on factory farming ).

More reasons to go Vegan
Maybe you aren't that worried about animal welfare. So for what other reason
would you want to go vegan? How about your health! If you have high
cholesterol, it might have something to do with the foods you eat. Dietary
cholesterol is found only in animal based food products. Hence, you eat less
animal based food, and you will lower your cholesterol level. This means, less
beef, pork, chicken, goat, lamb, dairy, eggs, etc. If it has eyes, don't eat it! (if
you want your cholesterol level to go down)

More reasons to Eat Plants
Plants don't have eyes, and they don't have cholesterol. But what else can a
plant based diet do for you? People who eat western diets have higher rates of
what are sometimes referred to as
diseases of affluence. These would
include heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancers, autoimmune diseases,
osteoporosis, kidney disease, cataracts, macular degeneration, and

It must be something in the food
People in developing countries who eat a mostly plant based diet don't get
these diseases very often. But when they switch to a western diet they get
these diseases at the same rates that we do. It must be something in the food!

So what do you do?
The more we at the goat have learned about the difference that diet can make
to our health, the more it has bothered us. We have been eating critters all of
our lives, and so has everybody else that we know. Mom wouldn't feed us food
that was bad for us, would she? Or maybe mom just doesn't know any better.

Some vegetarian food is actually quite good
At first, we tried some vegetarian dishes, and found that some of them were
actually quite good. Things like veggi pizza, eggplant parmesan, manicotti, and
cheese enchiladas. This was working out just fine until we did a little more
reading and found out that the U.S. has one of the highest rates of
osteoporosis in the world. We are also one of the biggest consumers of dairy
products per capita. What's up? We have been told to drink our milk all of our

Milk can make your bones brittle
Now we find out that milk doesn't make for strong bones? It turns out that there
is research pointing to the acidity of dairy products and basically all animal
proteins actually leaching the calcium out of your bones faster than the
calcium in the dairy products can replace it. If you want strong bones, eat your
veggies. That is what cows do.

Vegan Food Sucks!
With this new information, we decided to try some vegan food. We like Indian
food, so we went to one of our favorite Indian restaurants and were shocked.
Most of our favorite dishes had dairy products in them. After scouring the
menu, we decided upon some vegan dishes and were not amused. They were
full of the usual Indian spices, buy without the dairy, they were very harsh and
gave us incredible indigestion afterwards. So much for Indian.

Mediterranean to the rescue
Eventually, we stumbled into some Mediterranean restaurants and found that
they actually had some vegan dishes, and they actually tasted good. These
places include Greek, middle eastern, and some Italian Restaurants (if you can
get them to leave the cheese out)

Don't forget Asia
Asian restaurants are another source of vegan meals. You can usually find a
few meals with tofu instead of meat. And since tofu is a normal ingredient in
Asian foods, it doesn't come off as weird.

Vegan Recipes Suck, Too!
You can't eat every meal at your favorite Mediterranean or Asian restaurant,
so we decided to check out some vegan cook books. What we found was that
a lot, not all, but a lot of the recipes tasted weird,  had unusual ingredients we
couldn't find, and made enough for a large army. Not what you want when you
are looking to change your diet.

We made our own recipes
The goal turned out to be that we would eat less critters and more plants. Also,
we had to like the food, and be able to buy the ingredients at a normal grocery
store. The recipes we had been looking at didn't always meet these criteria, so
we decided to make our own. How did we do this? We started with the things
we liked to eat. After removing the animal products, we added things like rice
and beans. We also played around with the spices at times. What we found
was that we could indeed cook plant based meals that tasted like normal food -
cause they were made with normal ingredients. Now we are sharing our
recipes so that you too can benefit from what we have learned.

Bon Appitit!
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